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Jumping Squats: With your back tight and arched and feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width, head positioned to look forward, slowly squat down to the ground by bending only at the knees, then hop up. Repeat this in sets of 10-20, whatever your body permits.

Supplement your diet with folic acid. DNA relies on folic acid for its creation and repair. Studies have shown that taking an increased dose of folic acid can greatly reduce your chances of this dreaded disease. In addition, an increase in folic acid has been known to help offset the raised risk of breast cancer in women who drink more than one alcoholic drink a day.

Green tea now comes in many different varieties and packs huge nutritional benefits. The numbers of green tea varieties are plenty, most of which the most popular are in Asia, which include Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Green Peony Tea and Roasted oolong tea weight loss reviews (